The “Watch Out for Whitey” diet- Avoiding hidden white flour, sugar & fat

19 01 2011

Watch out for Whitey, they will kill you. Kill you dead.

I’ve been on lots of diets. Lost 40 pounds twice. 20 pounds several times. Been up and down 10 pounds more times then i can remember. I’ve done Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Adkins. I’ve watched fat. Counted Calories. Avoided Carbs. Been on the look out for high glycemic foods. Taken supplements, pills, shakes, bars. I’ve fasted, binged, refrained, indulged. Felt guilty, felt satiated. “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” You too?

In trying to come up with a plan that I can incorporate into my life that will pull from the collective wisdom i have gleaned over the years, I recently thought up of the “Watch Out for Whitey” diet. After all most “bad” things are white. White flour. White sugar. Fat. Salt. The closer to white it gets, the worse it is for you. Like corn and rice and butter. Brown rice, good. White rice, bad. You think corn is yellow, but really it’s white too. Just look at popcorn. Corn just wears a yellow jacket. Butter is colored yellow, but it’s natural color, before food coloring is added, is white.

Whitey craftily hides out in foods that don’t appear to be white but upon closer examination are mostly white flour, white sugar, white salt and white fat… just dressed up, colored, with a few decorative nuts and spices included. Then they package it with deceptive declarations that boast of “low fat”, vitamin enriched, “light”, diet. Really its still 99% whitey. I won’t even get into additives and artificial sweeteners.

It’s really all a carefully crafted and integrated conspiracy. The government heavily subsidizes corn growers, from whence we get the killers high fructose corn syrup and corn oil… that make up the myriad of corn based products that comprise 70% of everything that occupies the average supermarket. Fast food chains depend upon this abnormally low (government manipulated) source of goods.

The medical industry relies upon the parade of disease that is propagated by highly processed foods and convenience foods while insurance companies continue to hike rates. Then we spend an additional 6 billion dollars just trying to diet; because of how bad we feel after watching endless commercials that feature sexy, thin, in-shape models.

Yes, government, fast food, medicine, insurance, advertising, book sellers and diet peddlers all depend upon us continuing to eat and live like dumb beasts. And, who typically runs these organizations? Who is at the top of this destructive and disease propagating pyramid? Who is in control? Hmmm.

Bottom-line, “White ain’t Right.” My new diet plan is real simple. “Watch Out for Whitey”. He’s hiding everywhere. He’s trying to kill me to be sure. Trying to make me sick and take my money while he’s doing it. He’s made me blind and dumb and addicted to the shit he peddles from every street corner. He’s robbing our youth of health and strength. Whitey is bad news. Watch out!




3 responses

20 01 2011

Sounds like a basis for a good stand up performance….

16 02 2011

You really have the capacity with words. I relish the classicalism of your shorthand. Have you ever examined getting compensated for what you already love to do? I have been banking a couple hundred dollars a week authoring blog posts and content articles for various companies. They need writers bad! I can honestly state that you have the capacity.


The scoop

17 02 2011
Robert Thompson


I appreciate the encouragement. I have been somewhat of a reluctant writer. Started out as a filmmaker back in the day. How did you start actually getting paid to write?


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