THE sweetest, sexiest WORD ever… is the wonderful, affirmative word YES!

15 01 2011

Whether in romance, in prayer, in sales, in comedy or simply in life in general. One word, one singular undiluted response is the sweetest refrain one can experience. The word “yes”.

You work, you worry, your wrestle this way or that way to sell your product to a prospect. Most times, they come back to you with some objection; an alternative price, a product with different features, or just put you off ’till a later time. Bottom line, it’s just “no” packaged nicely.

You pray, for yourself or another. Throw your bequest up into the sky hoping for a favorable response. Most times, unless you got some special dispensation that most of us don’t, you don’t get any direct, immediate response. And, of course, no response is a negative response.

Gee, romance. How many of us have been turned down in hundreds of subtle or not so subtle ways when we make advances. For most of us, it only takes a faint, less than enthusiastic response to douse the spark of desire within. Romance is particularly sensitive to negation.

When I studied improvisational comedy, there was only ONE rule. It was the rule of agreement. The quickest way to kill an improv routine, is negation. The best way to move it forward is by going with whatever you’re presented with. Total, uninhibited “buy in”, without hesitation or exception.

Saddest of all, many of us say “no” to life in overt or subtle ways. We draw back from opportunities that life presents us to grow, to change, to experience a broader, more abundant life. We negate life through worry, through strict routine, through control, through addictions, through whatever distractions we court.

I once announced to my now ex-wife, when we were struggling to stay together or separate, that she could save our marriage with one word. “YES”. Perhaps neither of us had the capacity to live a wholehearted “yes”. One thing I believe; too many “no”s, over too long kills the spirit, breaks the heart, slays hope.

Ultimately though, it is not the parade of NOs we may receive from prospects, or lovers, or friends, or even God that defeats us. It is the NOs we perpetrate upon ourselves. We must do our best to say “yes” to life, “yes” to love, “yes” to God’s offerings of grace, however they may be packaged. Yes to the people in our lives, accepting them exactly like they are.

One of my favorite lines in the movie “Shawshank Redemption”; A message of hope, but also a challenge.




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15 01 2011

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