Hip Arthritis- Any hope for a non surgical solution? What are realistic expectations?

31 12 2010

Feeding gulls at Destin

I was diagnosed with severe hip arthritis over 2 years ago with the prognosis that within 12-18 months i would require hip replacement, the exact timing to be determined by how much pain i could endure. Having an inherent distrust (and terror) for hospitals and surgical procedures, I have sought alternative treatments through supplements, exercise and acupuncture.

I have pain almost all the time. When the pain between a 2-3… i can maintain a moderately normal lifestyle… when it is a 6-7, i quickly can descend into depression; feeling old(er) and hopeless. I’ve tried all kinds of tricks and tips. Of late, a tea reader in Jamaica suggested Cod liver oil. So, I’ve been trying that.

My Muslim son suggested “lamb trotters” (lamb feet) made into a soup. He got it from some middle eastern sage he was reading. Haven’t found a grocer that carries it yet.

I thought I had made significant improvement from the cod liver oil pills. I have been taking triple the normal dose the last week or so. But a one hour walk i had today along the stormy beach proved otherwise.

Anyway, my intention in 2011 is to see an 80% improvement in my hip condition. I am hoping that a gentle, consistent (healing) exercise along with herbs my acupuncturist and ??? something new i can dig up… will be the answer.




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