Baby Steps- New Years Declarations broken down into small, workable segments

31 12 2010

I believe that the "process" will take me someplace positive

I have wrestled with coming up with a workable strategy to birth ongoing change in my life. I honed down my wish list of 10 declarations that I’d like to see emerge in 2011, to 3; Writing, Working Out, Work (for $$). Ultimately I am not in control of the outcome, but I am responsible to put in the effort. Woody Allen is credited with the quote, “90% of life is just showing up”.

Therefore, my plan is to show up 100 times in each of the areas i want to see progress in during this next year. 100 “sessions” of writing. 100 trips to the gym or an exercise class. 100 attempts at venues to generate $$. I’m planning to get some cool stickers to put on a calendar to keep track of my progress. Maybe come up with some appropriate rewards for hitting bench marks along with way.

Yes, I believe that the process will take me somewhere positive, even if the destination remains foggy at the present.

Baby steps, baby.




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